Our Story

In a previous life, our core team...

worked for an IT consulting subsidiary of Canon (the camera and office machine folks) for almost 11 years. During those years with Canon, we provided consulting, built awesome applications and web solutions for, and produced beautiful and effective video content for Global, Fortune 1000 companies.

It was an amazing opportunity to understand what makes successful companies tick - their processes, their technology, their perspectives. We learned what these organizations did extremely well - and where and why they struggled in other areas.

After the subsidiary was sold in 2008, we had the opportunity to create something really special, which we decided to call “Intelivert”. “Inteli”, as in “intelligent”, and “vert”, as in the direct French translation for “green”. We create solutions that are smart (even brilliant sometimes) and that are kinder to both natural and business resources (e.g. automating processes and workflow and eliminating paper, utilizing virtual IT environments which use significantly less power and require less cooling).

Inside Intelivert, we strive to eliminate the dopey, inefficient processes we sometimes experienced in a huge company, and to bring forward all the really smart, amazing stuff we learned. Continuous learning is central to our success - as is a sense of humor. We focus on software solutions that deliver sustainable value for our clients and their businesses. We believe that if our clients are crazy successful – we will be crazy successful.  And we have been successful. Intelivert has experienced double-digit growth each year since the organization's inception in 2010. In fact, we have more than 450,000 course completions via our media portals, which our clients typically use for communications and training.

We have extensive experience in providing business process, web, application, and media solutions for organizations. The business challenge you face - is very likely one that we have seen and solved many times before (and in many different languages). We are technically savvy, detail oriented (maybe a bit manic), experienced business professionals with a proven track record of success. We have developed, implemented and managed some of the best-rated solutions to help organizations address their workforce-related Safety, Compliance and Risk Management challenges.

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What We Do

Intelivert provides industry-leading Workforce Safety & Management solutions, which help measurably drive success and promote organizational excellence in the areas of
Operational Efficiency, Compliance and Risk Management.

Workforce Safety & Management System is an intelligent solution that makes efficient use of both, business and natural resources. It's Software-as-a-Service that is flexible, secure and allows for rapid configuration and deployment, based on each client's unique business needs. The system's 10 modules will transform safety culture, improve operational excellence and dramatically enhance risk profile by providing real-time access and insight into the data that drives performance.

Through practical business consulting, advanced technology services, and a proven Project Success Methodology, Intelivert delivers long-term results for our customers. Our business approach translates into better technology alignment with business goals, tighter control over budget, timeline, consistency of vision, and sustainable business outcomes for our clients.

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Our Mission

To help organizations realize extraordinary, sustainable business outcomes.

In achieving that goal we will foster strong, respectful relationships, not only with our customers, communities and nations in which we operate, but also with the environment. We are responsible for the impact of our activities on society and it is our duty to contribute to global prosperity, the well-being of mankind and the environment. By creating and seeking out technology which uses less electricity, produces less hazardous waste, and is manufactured using more recycled materials and less energy, we will be both brilliant in the solutions we create - and kind to the earth.

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