Cbox Studio

The Cbox Studio is a fully integrated video capture solution - flexible enough to record and webcast any training, presentation or lecture. With the touch of a button, the Cbox enables a non-technical user to effortlessly produce remarkably rich content for the web and mobile devices.  

The Cbox Studio integrates seamlessly with Workforce Safety and Management System, allowing you to easily create your own video-based training.

Scheduled or impromptu recordings are a simple, allowing you to capture and share complex techniques, react to changing regulatory conditions, or deliver training on-demand.


A touch screen interface empowers non-technical users to record and broadcast live presentations effortlessly. Recordings are perfectly formatted and instantly available for upload to Workforce Safety and Management System. Once uploaded, publishing your new course is as easy as a single button click.


Configurable presets make otherwise complex multi-camera recordings a breeze. The Cbox is seamlessly integrated with Workforce Safety and Management System, making it simple to manage and deliver recordings and live events.

Cost Effective 

Drastically reduce or eliminate video production costs. The Cbox Studio integrates with multiple tilt/pan/zoom cameras, and multiple audio and video sources. Superior capabilities - full Workforce Safety and Management System integration - all for about the cost of a single multi-camera video shoot.

Cbox streaming & recording

Cbox Studio User Interface
The Cbox Studio user interface is logical and intuitive. Non-technical users can begin creating great looking rich media video communications right away.