Medical Media Portal

The Intelivert Medical Media Portal allows hospitals to create, manage, deliver and measure rich media - orientation, training and Continuing Medical Education to patients, employees and clinicians anywhere in the world - on any device.

Achieve Compliance through
Online Video Training

Our Cbox Studio makes impromptu recordings easy for non-technical subject matter experts, while saving organizations thousands of dollars in equipment and production costs.  Stream and record events from the desktop, lecture hall, or operating room and deliver them to viewers.  Together with our Medical Media Portal features, the Cbox Studio makes for a complete communications and compliance solution.

Intelivert Healthcare

Harness the Power of Tablets -
Deploy Mobile Forms

The Intelivert Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model enables Healthcare organizations to quickly and cost-effectively adopt mobile solutions. Our Mobile Forms Management solutions are hardware agnostic, allowing for seamless integration into existing business processes and systems.

Inspections, assessments, incident reports, and timecards - every mobile application can be quickly customized for your needs. We can integrate a mobile solution into your current environment - or use our Workforce Safety & Management System.