Waste & Recycling 

Intelivert's Workforce Safety & Management System is helping our Waste and Recycling Industry clients meet the demands of compliance and risk management by delivering safety programs, integrated mobile inspection capability, eliminating paper and automating processes.

Intelivert provides workforce management solutions that support business initiatives which benefit the Waste and Recycling Industry - the communities they serve - and the environment.  

Our solutions literally save lives, decrease the number of safety incidents, save millions of dollars in liability costs and save hundreds of man-hours compiling records for regulatory audits and investigations.

We're optimizing communication, making the workplace safer through delivery and verification of safety orientation and training to employees, contractors and contingent labor. 

The portal's analytics engine provides better business insight - aggregating system data, mobile inspection data, even data from your internal systems - then presenting results in the form of easy to read dashboards and reports.

Intelivert Waste & Recycling

Our SaaS delivery makes it fast, easy and affordable to get a customized solution in place and working for your business – now.