Contractor Safety & Management

Contractors safety qualify, complete site-specific safety orientation and arrive at your facility with a safety certification ID card, fully prepared - ready to work.

Effort required from your company resources?  Zero.

The Contractor Safety & Management System allows a host company to safety qualify contractor companies - completely online. Qualified contractor companies register employees they plan to send to host company sites. Registered employees complete online, line-of-business-specific, site-specific safety orientation. Once orientation is complete, contractors receive an ID card which can be used to gain access to host company worksites - even track contractor time while on a host company site.

Contractors, contractors’ employees, contractor’s agents/representatives and sub-contractors must qualify and complete safety orientation before beginning work at a host company site.

Our web-based system manages risk associated with use of contractors. Key system features include:

  • Contractor companies complete web-based safety qualification 
    (based on your organization’s safety criteria)
  • Qualified contractor companies register workers they plan to send to your sites
  • Contractor workers complete online, interactive, site-specific safety orientation (as required by OSHA)
  • Contractor managers certify each worker’s orientation completion
  • Contractors receive a Certification ID Card 
    (incl. Company, QR code, photo, name, authorized sites)
  • Contractor workers must present their ID Card upon arrival at work site(s)
  • System documents all contractor completions/interactions
  • Integrated mobile apps allow you to track contractor time - and identify safety, quality and time deficiencies, and gather leading safety, quality and time indicators
  •  Dashboards provide real-time analytics and all the reporting necessary in the event of a corporate compliance issue, Regulatory Agency investigation, or legal action
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