Temporary Worker Safety & Management

Temporary Workers complete site-specific, job-specific Safety Training and arrive at your facility with a Safety Certification ID Card, fully prepared – ready to work.

Effort required from your company resources?  Zero.

The Temporary Worker Safety & Management System delivers job and site-specific, safety orientation and training to temporary workers, including your organization’s policies and procedures regarding safety, health, and environmental responsibilities for work performed at your work site(s).

The web-based system allows you to manage the risk associated with use of temporary labor.  Here are some of the system's key features:

  • Temp Agency manager registers all temp worker they plan to send to your work sites
  • Every temp worker completes online, site-specific orientation/training (in any language)
  • Temp agency manger certifies each worker’s course completion
  • Temporary worker receives Certification ID Card
  • Temporary worker must present ID Card upon arrival at your work sites
  • System documents all orientation/training temp work completions
  • Mobile inspections allow you to identify safety, quality and time deficiencies, and gather leading indicators
  •  Dashboards provide real-time analytics and all the reporting necessary in the event of a corporate compliance issue, Regulatory Agency investigation, or legal action
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