• Workforce Qualification & Orientation BEFORE they arrive onsite 
  • Safety Program delivery to Employees, Contractors & Temp Workers
  • Individual online training & facilitator led offline training
  • Lagging & Leading Indicator measurement through Mobile Inspection
  • Compliance, Performance & Predictive Analytics
  • Proactive Workforce Risk Management

Workforce Safety & Management System is easy to use. Online Safety Qualification provides a way for you to choose only the safest resources for your projects.

Safety programs are simple to input, push to your workforce, and measure - and because the system is fully integrated, each module speaks to the next, making compliance verification, status updates, workflow, email notifications, and reporting – a simple, automated process.

Intelivert Workforce Life Cycle Optimization

The system can track workforce clock-in and clock-out times, allowing you to benchmark workforce performance. Rank your workforce by safety, by quality and by time, so you can select the best possible resources when planning your next project.

Using electronic, mobile inspections, the system can gather both lagging and leading safety, quality and time indicators, providing an automated way to benchmark workforce performance – and predictive analytics to help identify where the next incident or issue is most likely to occur such that it can be prevented.

Robust analytics enable managers to generate system reports in order to satisfy compliance thresholds, identify trends, and proactively manage your business and workforce-related risk.

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Intelivert Workforce Qualification

Workforce Qualification

Collect safety, quality and regulatory information from contractors (also temporary workers and perspective employees – at your option) online.

Designed with contractor safety qualification in mind, for our U.S.-based customers, the system compares contractor safety data against the most recently published Bureau of Labor Statistics “Industry Illnesses and Injury Data”, based on the contractor’s NAICS code, along with your organization’s specific requirements.

  • The system automatically qualifies/disqualifies the contractor based on your criteria – you receive automatic status notification, with a link to a contractor qualification report
  • Contractors who successfully meet your safety criteria must register employees they intend to send to your work sites and have those registered employees complete online, site-specific safety orientation (required by OSHA)
  • Contractor company managers certify employee completion of online safety orientation, delivery of site-specific rules, and system-generated employee ID card
  • Contractor workers arrive at your work sites with ID cards in order to gain work site access and/or to track contractor time

The system provides a simple way for you to select those contractor resources that best meet internal and governmental requirements – with no effort from your internal resources.

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Training Management

With more than 450,000 course completions to date, the Training Management module includes a full-featured Learning Management System (LMS) and provides simple, online creation, delivery and verification of safety orientation and training for employees, contractors and temporary workers - each with their unique safety, risk and legal challenges. The system specifically addresses these safety, risk and legal exposures for each worker type. The system’s dashboards provide a real-time view of workforce safety compliance.

For contractors or temporary workers, the Training Management Module delivers consistent, site-specific safety orientation to all registered workers, by job type, location, line-of-business or other custom criteria. Dashboards and reports provide a view of every contractors/temp workers completion and manager certification.

Line-of-business-specific, site-specific contractor/temporary worker safety orientation is delivered and certified – prior to those workers arriving at your work sites - with no effort from your internal resources.

The system ensures consistent delivery and verification of training (either online or off-line classroom mode) and communications across your entire organization and includes the following features: 

  • Create and publish courses with a single click of a button (integrated LMS)
  • Training Event Calendar and event registration 
  • Course content can be any combination of video, audio, MS Office doc, PDF or HTML
  • System support for multiple languages
  •  Attach course-specific and site-specific documents to any course
  • Assign training based on user role, group, location or line-of-business
  • Certify course completion with course-specific certificates or ID cards
  • View course content on any device – PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Dashboards/reports provide real-time view of learner progress and completion
Intelivert Training Management
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Intelivert Access Management

Access Management

After completing online, site-specific Safety Orientation, contractors/temp workers (and employees at your option) arrive at your work sites fully prepared and ready to begin work. Contractors/temp workers must present their ID card in order to gain site access.

Using a smartphone or tablet, your site personnel can scan the worker’s ID card on-demand in order to verify certifications and approved sites.

  • ID cards can contain a name, photo and other custom criteria – and can grant access based on contract length, date range, site, job role and more
  • Know with certainty which contractors are on or off-site at any time – especially critical in emergency situations
  • ID cards contain a unique code, which can be scanned into the system for clock-in/clock-out purposes and automatic verification 
  • ID card clock-in/clock-out feature can be used to verify worker time. Time data is sent to a reconciliation report, which can be used to reconcile contractor/temp agency invoicing
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Task Management

Integrated, centralized task management helps you create, manage and verify completion of tasks, making it easy to keep work organized. Your workforce can stay focused on the task at hand – your projects get finished.

Easily organize tasks, then push tasks to an individual user or group of users based on your organizational structure. System users manage tasks and projects, and access reporting, based on their organizational level.

Task management includes integrated file sharing so documents, images and ideas stay together. Document libraries, training, files, URLs and electronic forms can be linked to tasks – making it simple for system users to find exactly what they need, when they need it.

No more wasted time searching for needed resources results in a more efficient, productive workforce.

Intelivert Task Management
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Intelivert Document Management

Document Management

The Document Management module provides tools to organize, edit and distribute your safety programs, presentations, proposals, site plans, images and contracts.

Upload existing files and folders into a central location and distribute important documents in standardized formats. Our document control software allows you to arrange files and folders in the Administrator Library, then “push” them to a single user - or to multiple groups and sites.

Centralize safety program and project documents. “Administrator”, “Site”and “Personal” libraries include functionality such as: drag and drop, upload/download, share, and copy. Each user interaction is recorded and available in a system report.

Text search allows you to find documents in seconds, rather than minutes or hours. The system provides a perfect way to organize your business, cut printing, paper and storage costs, and reduce wasted time and materials.

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Mobile Forms Management

We can convert any existing paper form to an electronic mobile form and super-charge your data aggregation, reporting accuracy, and ability to identify trends.

Mobile form information is captured and aggregated in real-time and can include data fields , photos, GPS coordinates and signatures. Identified deficiencies trigger automatic notifications to personnel responsible for corrective action.  No deficiency falls through the cracks – and our mobile forms function on - or offline.

Collect data using a tablet, smartphone or PC and provide real-time visibility of every project. Customizable mobile forms include:

  • Incident/Accident Report
  • Injury/Illness Report
  • Site Safety Inspection
  • Facility Safety Inspection
  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Employee Observation Report
  • Peer to Peer Observation
  • Driver Observation
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Time Sheet
  • Work Order

Eliminate inefficient paper forms, re-keying costs and error rates and simplify storage and audit processes.

Intelivert Mobile Forms Management
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Intelivert Performance Management

Performance Management

The Performance Management Module provides a view of all submitted electronic inspections.  Data is aggregated in real-time, dramatically improving the speed at which you receive submissions. Any deficiencies/infractions identified during an inspection or observation can trigger system alarms and will send immediate email notifications so deficiencies can be remedied. Deficiencies are identified – and corrected within the system, nothing falls through the cracks.

In the case of an accident/incident report, integrated workflow allows for immediate notifications to be sent to your safety, claims and legal departments – along with every piece of required information to make appropriate, timely decisions. 

The Performance Management module also enables you to manage key project assets and processes including:

  • All active/inactive projects (inspection categories)
  • Mobile Forms reporting (e.g. incident reports, inspections, assessments, time sheets)
  • Inspections deficiency management and alarms 
  • Work-site time tracking
  • Work order submissions and approvals
  • Contracts, Budgets, Meetings, Personnel

Validate all contractor hours worked - by project, by employee, by rate, reconcile contractor billing and initiate contractor reimbursement.

Verify budget status of each contractor project and receive notification if a project falls below performance thresholds. Automatically rank your contractors by safety, quality and time accuracy.

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Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Module enables managers to run dynamic, interactive reports including dashboards with drill-down capability, graphs and ad hoc reporting. Any data element captured within the System is available for reporting.

Dashboards are configurable and easy to understand, making them an essential part of the decision making process. Multi-site data can “roll up” to a territory, regional, national, or international dashboard, giving senior managers a snapshot of the compliance status and progress of all locations for which they are responsible.

  • Gather lagging and leading indicators – use predictive analytics  to make proactive, well-informed business decisions 
  • Rank your workforce by safety, quality and time – select the best possible resources for your projects
  • Managers can drill-down to specific groups that may be having issues, examine the details, and develop an appropriate remediation and/or prevention plan
  • Proactively manage your workforce-related risk
Intelivert Business Analytics
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